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How to make Money With Yoswin App?

Yoswin App Download : This application is best medium of earning money online. Here will discuss 5 working methods which can lead you to earn money and we will also provide proof for such methods. You can read this article till end so that you can also follow these tips and earn real cash daily.

How to Earn Money In Yoswin App?

Yoswin Earn Money

In above Screen Shot you can see, withdrawal proof of Yoswin Application. This shows that Yoswin is the Genuine app which can help you earn money by various methods. These methods are really very simple and easy to use by anyone. First you should register at Yoswin if you have not done so. Then only you can apply these methods.

1) By Playing Games

Yoswin recharge

The first and obvious way of earning money in Yoswin is playing games. In this app, 4 games are available and these 4 games are – Crash, Mine Sweeper, Wheel and Fast Parity. These all games are based on guess work and color prediction. But winning in these games has higher probability. Result of these games forms a regular pattern and if you observe that pattern you can guess next number or color easily.

How to Play Crash Game:- 

To begin, select the desired amount for your order. Click “START” to place your order and witness the multiplier increment from 1.00x and beyond! At any point, you can click “STOP” to multiply your points by the current multiplier. However, exercise caution: the game can conclude unexpectedly, and if you haven’t stopped by then, you will receive no rewards! Please wait for the commencement of the next game.

How to Play Fast Parity Game:-

To safeguard the interests of every investment user and adhere to the IBAS and MGA certification standards, the following guidelines are provided for generating parity number results:

1. Result source: The parity number will be determined by the last digit of the closing price of the Binance BTC/USDT spot trading pair at the precise moment when the Parity selection period concludes.

2. Data verification: To ensure transparency, you can access the historical results and corresponding prices from the order page. Additionally, you can cross-reference the second-level historical data from Binance for further verification.

How to Play Mine Sweeper :- 

  • There are three gameplay options available: 2×2, 4×4, and 6×6, each offering a varying number of boxes and bonuses.
  • Let’s take the 4×4 option as an example. In this mode, there are a total of 16 boxes, one of which contains a hidden mine. Your objective is to uncover boxes without mines, and each successful discovery rewards you with a bonus.
  • To begin, click “Start” and choose the desired input amount. Once selected, the game will commence.
  • However, be cautious as failing to avoid the mines will result in a game over.

How to Play Wheel Game:-

Players can select the color of the turntable, Select the bet amount first, then the color.

So these were the games which you can play and earn money. Now rest of the methods, you need to to play games.

2) Free Daily Lifafa

fiewin lifafa daily

Yoswin provides Lifafa daily for the registered users so that they can get free bonus amount to play games. You must claim your Free Lifafa Bonus daily. How you can Claim your Lifafa Bonus – read here complete details. This Lifafa Reward is on the basis of your levels. When you are at the higher levels, you get more Lifafa Reward.

Get Today Lifafa

3) Refer and Earn

This method is safest and best way to earn risk free money daily. You can really earn up to 20K daily by just being the Yoswin Agent. When someone register at Yoswin with your referral link, the person is said to be your sub-ordinate. You get Rs 10 instantly when he or she register with your link.

Further when registered person deposit money in his or her account for the first time, you get Rs 12 as effective user reward. And you also get 4% commission when registered player play any of the above game. So basically you get 3 times bonus for each registered user.

4) Yoswin Crore Agent Growth Plan

The Crore Agent Growth Plan revolves around the concept of an effective user count. To begin, let’s explore the meaning of an effective user. An effective user refers to an individual who has both signed up for Yoswin and made a recharge by depositing money. For every effective user, you will receive an instant reward of Rs 12.

Additionally, there are milestone levels tied to the effective user count. Upon reaching these levels, you will be rewarded with varying amounts of money based on the corresponding level. Presented below is a table showcasing the levels and the corresponding reward money you can obtain.

Know About Reward


So we have sum up all the methods which can use in Yoswin to earn money daily. These all are working methods and you can use them to earn money daily. If you are facing any problem you can just contact us. You can look for similar apps here – Fastwin.

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