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Yoswin Wheel Game Tips and Tricks | Win Paytm cash Daily

Yoswiin Wheel Game: Yoswin has multiple games which you play and earn real paytm cash regularly. Here we talk about the Yoswin Best and most interesting game which is wheel. This game is loved my most of the user and according to it’s data, it is played by most people. So we must know some of it’s working tips and tricks so that you can win it daily.

Yoswin App Wheel Game

Yoswin Wheel game

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In Wheel Game a wheel rotates after 20 seconds and till then users bet on different colors and when wheel stops, if the color chosen by any player appears in the result, then he or she is the winner. This process repeats after every 20s so you get infinite chances of winning in wheel game. If you lose once, you can recover your loss in future.

How to Play Wheel Game?

You are required to make a color guess and place a bet on that color. The color options are Yellow, Green, and Red. The betting ratio for Yellow and Green is 1:2, which means if you bet 9 rupees, you will receive 20 rupees in return.

In the case of Red, the payout is 18 times the amount you bet. However, Red appears infrequently in the results, so you should exercise caution when selecting this color.

In addition to the colors, there are three segments represented by Buffalo, Lion, and Elephant. If you choose any of these segments, you will receive three times the amount you bet. However, the probability of your chosen result occurring is 33 percent, compared to the 50 percent probability when selecting colors. Therefore, it is crucial to carefully consider and analyze the situation before making your decision.

Wheel Game Winning Tricks

The game revolves around luck and guesswork, as players are required to guess the color. There are no guaranteed tricks or hacks that can be used to win the game.

Rather than searching for winning strategies, it is more effective to carefully observe and analyze the pattern formed by the colors in the wheel. This method of observing the pattern has proven to be highly advantageous, and many people are using it to increase their chances of winning the wheel game.

Features of Wheel Game

Currently, there is a wide variety of online games that offer opportunities to play and potentially earn money. The wheel Game stands out from the rest due to several unique features that make it superior.

1) The wheel Game allows users to complete one move within just 30 seconds, enabling players to engage in multiple games within a short period of time.

2) The wheel Game boasts high probabilities of success, increasing the likelihood of winning outcomes.

3) The pattern of the game’s results is easily comprehensible, making it straightforward for players to understand and analyze.

4) The wheel Game is designed to be effortless and uncomplicated, ensuring that it can be easily played by individuals of all skill levels.


Yoswin is most secure and easiest way of earning money and Wheel game is most interested game where you can really apply your tips and tricks to win the game. We advice you to play these games in care of some one as this game involves financial risk. There are other games present in the market like Yoswin such as fastwin.

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